Top 10 savoury breakfasts (for champions)

Hannah Koelmeyer
09 February, 2015

An incredible breakfast is the best way to start a great weekend. We've put together our top 10 savoury breakfast recipes to make your mornings magical.

Pastrami hash browns

I can’t go past a hash brown at breakfast time, especially paired with peppery pastrami and a fried egg. Raph Rashid knows exactly what breakfast should be about.

Egyptian breakfast beans with feta, lemon oil & green chilli relish

This is Greg Malouf’s take on the classic Egyptian breakfast, ful medames, an intensely savoury and comforting dish that’s especially good on a cold winter morning.

Sweetcorn fritters with smoked salmon

Louise Fulton Keats’ breakfast has everything you need to start your weekend in style. Plus it's indulgent yet healthy at the same time ­– who even knew that was possible?

Hearty chorizo and haloumi breakfast wrap

Bacon tends to get all the love when it comes to breakfast meats, but chorizo has been making a serious play for our mid-morning affections. Billy Law's breakfast wrap includes haloumi, avocado and spicy sriracha for maximum flavour.

Mushroom and spinach baked eggs en cocotte

Luise Andersen’s eggs en cocotte are softly baked on top of herby mushrooms and spinach. Dip your spoon into the yolk and smush it into a delicious creamy mess. 

Fried duck eggs with chilli-braised ham hock & pickled okra

Trust Daniel Wilson to turn bacon and eggs into something sublime. Duck eggs and ham hock elevate the classic pairing, and the chilli oil, sichuan pepper and pickles take it all the way up to eleven. 

Eggs Benedict

Even the most experimental breakfast joints around will usually still have a classic Bene on the menu. Probably because hollandaise sauce is one of the greatest foodstuffs ever invented.


A Turkish street food staple, gözleme make an extremely satisfying breakfast. Rebecca Seal’s recipe uses a haloumi and chilli filling, but once you’ve mastered the basic process you can use any filling you fancy.

Sweet potato congee and deep-fried eggs

Congee is a hearty rice-based porridge beloved throughout Asia. It’s the ultimate comfort food and has infinite permutations depending on your choice of condiments. Antony Suvalko and Leanne Kitchen’s recipe is inspired by a particularly good bowl they were served in China’s Henan Province. 

Buckwheat galettes with bacon, egg, onions & gruyère

Look, you can keep your syrup-doused, berry-topped sweet stacks, there is nothing better than a savoury pancake. All the goodness of bacon and eggs, plus all the goodness of pancakes, plus cheese. Say no more.

Fancy starting your day a little sweeter? Check out our top 10 sweet, sweet breakfasts.

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