The intense colour of pickled radishes

The intense colour of pickled radishes

Green Pickled Peaches
Chris Chen

I set out here with the intention of creating something to echo the intensity of the colour of those pickled peaches that I recall so clearly. I can’t seem to stray from the pickling theme that’s prevalent in this chapter. I’m following through with the logic of pickling: if there’s an abundance of the stuff, preserve it. The quantity made here is a lot more than the recipe requires, but the pickle can be eaten by itself (it does have an addictive taste, as well as a very vivid colour). If you’re keeping it for a longer time, store in sterilised preserving jars.

For the pickled radishes


Quantity Ingredient
500g red radishes
2 teaspoons salt
100g chilli bean paste
1 tablepoon chilli oil
90g sugar
150ml rice vinegar
1 teaspoon sesame oil

For the pickled fish

Quantity Ingredient
peanut oil, for deep-frying
500g whole sardines, cleaned and gutted
55g garlic, thinly sliced
55g piece of young ginger, julienned
125ml rice vinegar
2 tablepoons sugar
1 teaspoon salt
20 lovage leaves, to garnish
1 tablepoon snipped fennel frond s
2 teaspoons fennel pollen, TO GARNISH


  1. Pickle the radishes:
  2. Wash the radishes. Remove the roots, trim off the tops, scrape off any imperfections and cut each one in half. Put in a bowl with the salt and leave for 3 hours or so to draw out the moisture. Drain and gently squeeze the radishes to get rid of excess liquid. Put in sterilised preserving jars. Purée the chilli bean paste and mix with the chilli oil, sugar, rice vinegar and sesame oil. Pour over the radishes in the jars. Store for at least 2 days in the refrigerator before using.
  3. Pickle the fish:
  4. Heat peanut oil in a deep-fryer to 180°C. Deep-fry the fish in a couple of batches until golden. Drain on paper towels and set aside. Heat 4 more tablespoons of peanut oil in a frying pan and fry the garlic and ginger until golden and crisp. Drain on paper towels. Cool the oil slightly and pour into a wide bowl. Stir in the vinegar, sugar and salt. Add the fish and the crisped ginger and garlic. Cover with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator overnight to mature.
  5. Assemble the dish:
  6. This dish is probably best served as a centrally shared plate. Bring the pickled fish to room temperature and serve with some of the pickling juice, ginger and garlic. Thinly slice some pickled radishes and drape the slices around the fish with the lovage, fennel fronds and a sprinkle of fennel pollen.
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