Antonio Carluccio
108 recipes
Published by
Quadrille Publishing
Laura Edwards

The ultimate book on pasta from the master of Italian cookery – his first dedicated to the subject in 20 years. Antonio Carluccio's Pasta will teach you everything you need to know about the many different types of pasta and how to cook them, including step-by-step instructions for making it at home. Antonio Carluccio shares his love of Italy's favourite food, providing innovative and exciting recipes for soups, main courses, salads and even desserts. Over 100 inspirational recipes follow, ranging from the simple and traditional Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (with garlic, oil and chilli) and classic Octopus Salad with Peas and Pasta to the unusual Sedani con Vodka e Salmone Affumicato (large pasta tubes with vodka and smoked salmon sauce). For something completely different, some sweet pasta recipes are included such as chocolate fettucine and ricotta pasta tart. Also featured is a wealth of ideas for varying the basic recipe to produce numerous different dishes according to taste and seasonal availability. Pasta's huge variety of shapes, textures and flavours makes it the perfect choice for every kind of meal, from sophisticated dinner parties to simple family suppers at home. Antonio's clear and detailed instructions for making fresh pasta open up a whole new range of possibilities from making your own basic egg pasta to adding unusual colours and flavours like spinach and squid ink. Antonio Carluccio's Pasta is the most complete companion for pasta lovers everywhere, offering recipes, tips and secrets collected over the last fifty years on this most popular and delicious dish.

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. The history of pasta
  3. What is pasta?
  4. Types of pasta
  5. Pasta and sauces
  6. Pasta and the Italian kitchen
  7. Making fresh pasta
  8. The pasta code
  9. Pasta in soups
  10. Pasta with sauces
    1. Read this Chapter
    2. Pesto
    3. Thin spaghetti with tomato sauce
    4. Angel’s hair pasta with truffle sauce
    5. Trenette with West Ligurian basil sauce
    6. Large penne pasta with celeriac sauce
    7. Large spaghetti with a roast pepper and anchovy sauce
    8. Pasta twists with a herb and nut sauce
    9. Large pasta hats with sicilian vegetable stew
    10. Pasta ribbons with romanesco and anchovy sauce
    11. Wholemeal pasta with vegetable sauce
    12. Spiral pasta with onion, anchovy and chilli
    13. Sardinian pasta with globe and jerusalem artichokes
    14. Small pasta quills with cheese and pepper
    15. Spiral pasta with a Genoese onion and tomato sauce
    16. Classic spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chilli
    17. Giant quills with courgette sauce and spinach balls
    18. Macaroni with a sauce of asparagus, onion, peas and broad beans
    19. Classic roman pasta with egg and bacon
    20. Pasta quills with a Calabrian-style chilli sauce
    21. Pasta ribbons with lamb sauce
    22. Large pasta tubes with Neapolitan beef sauce
    23. Square spaghetti with quail sauce
    24. Fat spaghetti with wild boar sauce
    25. Pasta ribbons with lamb offal
    26. Long pasta with tomatoes, bacon, olives and pecorino
    27. Real bolognese sauce with fresh pasta ribbons
    28. Lemon pasta ribbons with chicken dumplings
    29. Spelt spaghetti with sausage sauce
    30. Large spaghetti with meat and aubergine balls
    31. Sardinian spiral ring pasta with seafood
    32. Butterfly pasta with spider crab and small prawns
    33. Black ink pasta ribbons with baby cuttlefish and prawns
    34. Black ink pasta ribbons with onion and anchovies
    35. Long pasta with fennel and prawn sauce
    36. Vermicelli and sea ‘jewels’ in a bag
    37. Pasta twists with bottarga and clams
    38. Black angel’s hair pasta with two types of bottarga
    39. Limpets and sea urchins with thin spaghetti
    40. Scorpion fish with chunky pasta
    41. Large pasta tubes with vodka and smoked salmon
    42. Linguine with curried red mullet
  11. Fresh and filled pasta
  12. Baked pasta
  13. Pasta salads and leftovers
  14. Pasta as dessert
  15. A list of pastas

Recipes in Pasta

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